LÉVANS BEAUTY classic black-and-white boxes are foil free, gloss free, recyclable and made with recycled materials. Our boxes are designed to be as fitted as possible to reduce waste. Products and boxes are manufactured in the USA to further reduce carbon impact, and our shipping materials are all curbside recyclable. Our brow gel tubes are also foil free and can be recycled. Simply remove the inner wiper and discard with cap and wand as both are not recyclable. Then rinse tube to prepare for recycling. To properly discard brow gel tubes and other small cosmetic containers, we recommend PACT COLLECTIVE collection programs.


    LÉVANS BEAUTY is a mica free and child labor free brand. While doing research and development and trying to create a clean and conscious product, I learned an industry secret that many are not aware of. Most of our cosmetics contain mica, and most of that mica is mined by children. This illegal mining is unregulated by the government, and poses dangerous health and safety threats to the young children in these impoverished regions. Banning mica is not necessarily the answer to this widespread problem, alternately consumers can check to see if their cosmetics containing mica is ethically sourced. The equivalent of a Leaping Bunny emblem for ethical sourcing mica would be a solution to this but does not yet exist.


    To recycle brow gel tubes we recommend PACT COLLECTIVE collection programs.


    Socially and Environmentally Conscious. Endocrine Disrupter Free. European Standard Clean.


    We are LEAPING BUNNY Certified Cruelty Free. And Vegan.